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Class 6






Ratio, Proportion And Unitary Method


If 4,\ a ,\ a ,\ 36 are in pro...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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the given question say that if 436 are in proportion then is equal to the four out of this section we are supposed to choose the correct one know when we say that four times a b c and d are in proportion what we mean is that a by b is equals to a baby is equals to see why this is what we mean no in this question we have put a 436 these terms are in proportion 436 design portion that means we can write with these are are a b c and d are actually so a baby that is 4 by 4 bhai is equals to see why did that is a b 36 know this will give us this day will go to the the certification will get x on cross multiplication method

lekin certification so this will give us 36 x 4 is equal to e x x x x square what is 36 x 48 is 144 E square is equal to 144 this would basically we have not now net never been through this Choir will go to the other side of the equation and square root their square root of 144 no 144 can be written as 144 can be written as 12 x 12 so we have because we know that when a phone under square root that term which forms the pair comes out of the square root so we will have a is equal to 12 so this is the value of a that we have just found out so let's go to the option option is a 24 which is not correct option option this is a 12 which is the correct option and answer to this question that

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