If ^15 C_(3r):^(15)C_(r+1)=11 :3 , find the value of rdot



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Updated On: 18-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello everyone if so question is if 15 CR 10 to 15 CR plus 1 is equal to 11 raise to 3 find the value it is given 15 c3r 15 C H + 115 c3r / 15 CR plus one it will be equal to 11/3 so let's find out the solution of this question according to the situation 3r will be nothing but in between 0 to 15 we can find is Vegan seed from here it will be above 15 then it will not be possible value sofa are possible value will be 2012
01:00 - 01:59and 5 now if you talk about not possible value of Rs 0 and 5 because if we put 5 year it will become one that could not possible here and if again put zero that will again become one so ratio will not be satisfied we can see clearly hear so they are not possible values not possible value now let's as in case first let's put our is equal to 1 we will get 15 C3 test 15 C to find out the ratio of them we will get 15 into 14 into 13 / 2 raised to 15 into 14 / ratio come out with 13 days 23 which is not set
02:00 - 02:59fine now in second case let's put our is equal to 2 on putting our is equal to do we will get 15 C6 erase 215 C3 now on solving this we will get nothing but the ratio we will get will not be equal to 11 days to now let's talk about case number 3 in case number 3 we are putting our is equal to 3 by putting our is equal to see it will become 15 C9 Race 2 1554 on solving this lets all this we will get 15 into 14 into 13 into 12 into 11 into 10 divide 16 into 5 into 4 into 3 into 2
03:00 - 03:59Race 2 15 into 14 into 13 into 12 / 4 into 3 into 2 sunao by cancelling out everything we will get 110 upon 30 which will be nothing but 11 by 3 and it is the thing which satisfy our ratio so4 R is equal to 3 equation is satisfied because it is given 11 days 23 now let's will last and final cases that is both case where we will put our is equal to 4 on putting our is equal to four it will become 15c 12 12 12 5 on solving this we will get 5 raise to 33 which is not equal to 11 Race 2 feet so only one value for
04:00 - 04:59which is Siri the equation is satisfying so our answer is our is equal to 3 and what we have to find we have to find the value of are so his answer thank you so much everyone

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