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If (1 + x)^(n) = C_(0) = C_(1...

If (1 + x)^(n) = C_(0) = C_(1) x + C_(2) x^(2) + …+ C_(n) x^(n) , find the values of the following underset(0leile jlen)(sumsum)C_(i)C_(j)



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Updated On: 13-5-2021

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Solution :
` underset(0leiltjlen)(sumsum) (i*j) C_(i) C_(j)= underset(0leiltjlen)(sumsum) (i* ""^(n)C_(i))(j*""^(n)C_(j))`<br>` n^(2) underset(0leiltjlen)(sumsum) ""^(n-1)C_(i-1) ""^(n-1)C_(j-1)` <br> `=n^(2) [(2^((2 (n-1)-2n-2)C_(n-1)))/(2)]` [from corollary I] <br> `=n^(2)( 2^(2n-3)-(1)/(2)*""^(2n-2)C_(n-1))` .



00:00 - 00:59today's question is F1 plus x whole to the power n is equal to 60 + 7 x + 2 x square and so on then find the value of summation summation zero is less than or less than she is lesson and and see if we can see that some patients it makes the mattress is switches c0ca c0ca c0ca even up to c0c n and c 1 C 0 up to see nc0 and here 7177 and so on and here it is for my whole mattresses up to see n and c n so if we can see that triangle the value of Y is less than J and if we can see that
01:00 - 01:59triangle in the triangle the value of Y is greater than in the triangle the value of Pleasant and for this triangle is greater than if we can change its position so the sum of the both triangle is 16 and the sum of the triangle is it and if the sum of the triangle is 30 show the sum of the triangle is also it so that element of the diagonal are left so we can say that the sum of the diagonal elements is D so the our total sum is S is equals to 2 T + D and off the sum of any mattress is equals to 2 to the power to Tadap 2n and N2 Tuti Plus and the diagonal
02:00 - 02:59if we can say that I see that the value of ING request 2008 for it isn't that I am of I see I square and we know that the sum of the series of whole square is 2 and so the value of t is equals to we can us shift right hand side and we get 2 to the power 2 and minus 2 and CN upon to it is the final

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