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Class 11






Complex Numbers


If (1+i)(1+2i)(1+3i)(1+n i)=(x...

If `(1+i)(1+2i)(1+3i)(1+n i)=(x+i y)` , Show that `2.5.10 ..... (1+n^2)=x^2+y^2dot`

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : Given that, ` (1 + i) (1 + 2i) (1 + 3i) … (1 + ni) = x + iy ...(1)` <br> Taking conjugate, we get ` (1 – i) (1 – 2i) (1 – 3i) … (1 – ni) = x – iy ....(2)` <br> Multiplying Equations. (1) and (2), we get <br> `(1^2 + 1^2) (1^2 + 2^2) …. (1^2 + n^2) = x^2 + y^2` <br> So, `2.5.10 … (1 + n^2) = x^2 + y^2.` (proved)


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hello one mark question hai if oneplus 6 into 1 + 2 Y into 1 + 3.1 Plus and I and is equal to X + 8 so Kanna Kattu 5 into 10 to 1 + tan squared value Kya Hogi Hamari X square + Y square to prove karna hai to use counselling start karte hain Sahi into 1 + 2 Y into 1 + 3 into 2 2.1 Plus and I call Hamara Express Highway ke ab Ham Kya Karte Hain Dekhen modulus on on both side hand on set ke lete hain model set Hain Ki compress a free ho jaega big model sobin plus I into 1 + 2 y oneplus one eye is equal to modulus of X + Y theek hai ab Hamen ki properties and

modulus of deta hun ki models of Z1 into Z2 up to Z and iska matlab kya hoga models of Z1 into model subject to into modulus of Z1 Z2 Yahan Se Usko Le sakte hain models of oneplus in2 models of 1 + 2 Y into models of oneplus and I is equal to modulus of X + Y N Ham bhi Jante Hain Ki models of a plus bi bi kya hota hai under root of a square + b square theek hai to usko main use Karke Ham Audi A7 plus Kya Hoga Mara square root 1 + 1 is equal to 1 Hai dusre ke Samay square root of 1 + 2 cos square 30 ko sorry into 1 + 1 + square root of square of 339 into 1 + 1 + 10 square

similarly square root of X models of Express Highway Kya Hoga square root of x square + Y square cricket score ho kya karte hain squire on both sides is called a sakte hain Hamara 2155 oneplus 9 ka ganit 10.1 + sin square b square Hamesha Bata Diya by taking a square Yogesh square + Y square Udaipur Mein Kya Dekha ki access ka + Y square ki value kya hai to into 5 into 10 update up to 1 + sin square aur aapke Dekhenge ki Hamen Yahi purv karna tha ki to into 5 into 10 up to 1% school ki value Kya Hogi X square + Y square to aapane video mein kya kaise use Kiya Humne pahle use kiya tha yah property that model subject ganit model subject to INR to Malaysian kya hua by their product of the individual product of Z1

2209 use kiya tha ki models of exercise Bhi Kya Hoga model of square root of under root square root of a square + b square properties Karke hamen bhi proof Kiya is question ko Sawal Kiya nice video Mein Kuchh aur aise hi ISI se related question ko dekhenge


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