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If 0<α<β then limn(βn+αn)1n is equal to


Text Solution

The correct Answer is B


student question is if 0 is less than Alpha is less than B then limit n tends to infinity beta to the power n + alpha 2 to the power 1 upon in equal to install this problem what I'm going to do am going to take beta to the path and common from the bracket Pradesh liquor limit in tends to infinity and beta to the power n will come out ahead degrees one upon in one upon and will cancel and and it will come beta now this will come oneplus Alpha upon beta to the power 10 to the power 1 upon 10 ok no problem because there is no beta to the power n to when will take me to the path and common from Alpha to the path and then
tattoo the path and will get device now I am going to put n tends to infinity and intends to infinity healthy alpha and beta alpha and beta both are positive we can easily transfer this Beta Hindi mein M off Alpha this value will be less than one which means that this value is between 0 to 1 and any number between 0 to 1 ok that degree Infinity tense 20 this will tends to zero at this limit oneplus zero will become one and this is one upon in n tends to infinity to 1 upon Infinity tense 20 ok student now this is totally this is beta into 1 + 0 to the power 0 and this will come 1
Hindi sabhi kam beta answer ok thank u a student


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