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Class 12






Increasing And Decreasing Functions


If 0 lt alpha lt beta lt (pi)/...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`(tan beta)/(tan alpha ) lt (alpha)/(beta)``(tan beta)/(tan alpha) gt (alpha)/(beta)``(tan beta )/(tan alpha ) gt (alpha)/(beta)``(tan alpha)/(tan beta )le (alpha)/(beta)`

Answer : B
Solution : Consider the function f(x) given `by f(x)=x tan x, x in(0 , pi //2)` <br> we have , <br> `f(x) = x sec^2 x + tan x gt 0 " for all " x In (0,pi//2)` <br> `rArr f(x) is increasing on (0,pi//2)` <br> `rArr f(alpha) lt f (beta) for 0 alpha lt beta lt (pi)/(2)` <br> `rArr alpha tan alpha lt beta ` <br> `rArr /beta (tan beta)/(tan alpha)`

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hello students in this question we are given that if Alpha is greater than zero and less than B H and M S an informed decision prior to that we need to find the correct option among these for a given right she carefully in the options have to find the relation between alpha and beta 10 litre to find relation between these two quantities so let's assume function f x = 2 x 10 x right and rear axle belong 2022 right now to differentiate this function that is left X equals to 8 will be X into x square

plus derivative of X is 1126 night so it is x square x + 10 x 10 x now you can see that X is a positive 28 and sec Square X will also also be positive because I square of any number is positive rate so this hotel is a positive country and we know that 10x in first quadrant is also positive overall and this all about X is greater than 0 9 x is greater than 0 in explains 2025-2 so what we can say that we can say that FX filmi increasing function effects will be increasing in excellence 2025

right now it is given in the question that Alpha is less than Peter Wright Alpha is less than beta and if FX is an increasing function we can say that a for Alpha will be less than half of Beta because if an increasing function will be something like this it and if Alpha is here that is alpha is less than Pita induction CPC alpha and beta then obviously if the function is increasing then the act of Alpha will be less than half of Peter Wright show upon price of Peter now shows that f of X is equals to x 10 x right so what will be a free-form

nothing Alpha 1 to 10 mph with less than Peter into 10 beta right now if we write this in depend on then it will be 10 beta / 10 awful it will be greater than what a bi beta Koteswara answer now we compared with the options that 10 beta by Alpha is what alphabet M letter alphabet M so aur option to is the correct option that 10 beta B and Alpha is relevant to for my beta so this is your answer in

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