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Class 12






Differential Equations


Identify the statement(s) wh...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Prince question says that identify the statements which is a true So here given that the f of x y is equals to e raised to wife porn X + 10 Y upon X is a homogeneous of degree zero ok so a function is homogeneous for the homogeneous f f of x y f in place of effects f of x y if you put the X is equals to Lambda and if Y is equals to put Lambda why so will I get that value Lambda into into any degree f of x y so we can say that the we can say that the function is homogeneous ok so I am is the degree ok so let's start to check from option 1 option in a

given at the f of x y so we put your A 4 x y now in this equation we put x is equals to Lambda expression by school student access from here that we put the we put your that Lambda e raise to Lambda Y upon Lambda exo-k and class 10 Lambda why over Lambda X is a homogeneous degree 0 we can we can take a common so this this is the cancel so basically 10 here here given that the 10 bioponics basically it and why upon X is a angle ok so we can write this as like this resource Lambda and Lambda will be cancelled from here MW also cancel so we can say that the is 20 common and e raised to X upon Y +

near 10 vi upon X so again in the form of Lambda zero is the form of a force f of x y ok so we can say that this is homogeneous homogeneous and degree degree is zero ok so maths question next question given that the babaxx11 Y upon x dx ok so we again put from bhi option B option be given that here X so we put Lambda X into Allan lamb device over Lambda X ok and Lambda DX and + Lambda square y square upon Lambda X into Sin inverse Sin inverse lamp

ok and into the 18 2011 so we have to check that given here is a differential equation of a + 1 firstly more genius season not ok so we can take a comment from this from here that we can take common square your squaretech comment it will be x x log why upon X and ok so again here from here we can take lambdas for common so here I will be the one that is from this Lambda and there are there Lambda so here I will be one number is remaining in the place of why so here is X and Sin inverse Y upon X ok this is equal to

zero so we can we can see your so from the here one Lambda is remaining so that's why this is not a homogeneous function this is not homogeneous equation so let's 660 option se so option C given that X square + sin x Cos y Suzuki Access square off when that x square plus check given that X square + sin sin x Cos y x square + sin a cos Y given that so here we can put Lambda Square X square + 9 x from here we cannot take a comment from this portion of this is in the angles ok sin x cos x is X is a angle basically so here we can we cannot take a

common we cannot take to Lambda common as a we can say that this is not a homogeneous not genius ok so here let see the option option C given that the x square sin x Cos Y is nonhomogeneous so the efficiency is correct option C is correct and option is also correct now let se class of the loss of a given at x squared plus y squared DX ok so here X square + Y square and Square X square + Y square y square foot and Lambda DX and is equal to given that the that minus x square minus y cube ok so here given that the minus your given that

- x square - Lambda Square x square and into Lambda Y ok and next given that white you so here you can write - lamp that you why you ok and Lambda D Y is equals to zero so we can see here from this portion here is the Lambda square and Lambda so Lambda cube if we take if it take from this portion is common Lambda if so one Lambda is remaining so that we can say that this is not homogeneous not emotions answer so we can say that the option a option A and option C are correct and

other thank you so much

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