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Identify the correct option ...

Identify the correct option


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`log_(2) 3 lt log_(1//4)5` `log_(5)7 lt log_(8)3` `log_(root(3)(2))sqrt(3) lt log_(root(3)(2))sqrt(5)` `2^((1)/(4)) gt ((3)/(2))^(1//3)`

Answer : C


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hello hay we have been given to identify the correct option first option is long 3 to the base to is less than log file to the base 1 by 4 1 by 4 can be written to the power minus 2 so if we write this clearly this is written as love 5 to the base 2 and minus 2 will appear here so this is a negative term and this is a positive Tum so positive is always greater than negative so first one is strong if we see second one so it is written as log of 7 phone lock 5 and this is less than it is given log 3 dialogue it now if you see this clearly fish shaped here so we get log 8 log 7 upon log 3 and log 5 this should be less than one does given so if we see

Gate X log 7 is obviously greater than log three times of log 5 should this term must be greater than one and it is given less than 12 second option is also wrong no PC third option so it is a type given log of three its roots show route will come outside in half and 2 to the power 1 by 3 X 3 by 2 is given less than log root 5 is so it will come out 1 by 2 and 2 to the power 1 by 3 2 and 3 will get X 27 to get cancer and 5 is greater than 3 so log to the base to will obviously greater than that so option number 3 is correct option now we check option number 4 it is given to the power 1 by 4 2 to the power 1 by 4 is greater than 3 1 by 3 and his two different method will get

4 years 1 by 3 will get added to this show will get 2 to the power 7 by 12 greater than 3 to the power 1 by 3 if you multiply to make power is commonly x 12 and here also battle so we get to the power 7 greater than 3 to the power 4 3 to the power 4 is 81 to the power 7 is 128 and obviously this is Greater so this relation is also true So the correct option for this question is option number 3 and option number 4 thank you

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