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Algebraic Expressions


Identify, in the following exp...

Identify, in the following expressions, terms which are not constants. Give their numerical coefficients: `xy+4, 13-y^2, 13-y+5y^2, 4p^2 q-3pq^2+5`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : expression ; term ; numerical <br> (i) `xy + 4 ; xy ; 4 ` <br> (ii) `13-y^2 ; -y^2 ; 13` <br> (iii) `13-y + 5y^2 ; 5y^2 - y ; 13` <br> (iv) `4p^2q - 3pq^2 + 5 ; 4p^2 q , -3pq^2 ; 5` <br> answers


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hi students are question is identified in the following expressions terms which are not constant give their numerical Coefficient right so fazli here let's write the expressions right expressions and then terms terms which are not constant which are not constants and 10 and then the coefficient right so in the for the first expression is the first expression here is xy right X Y + 4 so here we can see 4 is the constant term write short note on which are not constant here was xy and the coefficient of X wise one write the coefficient of x y 1 now second part 13 - Y square write it is 13 minus y square

13 is a constant term and y square is the term which does not have any constant so the coefficient of minus y square is -1 no third parties 13 minus y + 5 y square right 13 is a constant now minus y and + 5 y square these are the terms which are not constant for the coefficient of minus y is -1 and the coefficient of why is 5 write the coefficient of i y square is 5 right now 4 part 4 part 4 p square cube minus 3 X square + 5 write 25 is the constant term Now 4 p square q and minus 3 P Q square are the terms which are not constant to the coefficient of the four p square cube is 4 and the coefficient of -3 PQ