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Class 6






Whole Numbers


(i) The number 0 is the first ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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number who is the first number zero is the first and the smallest whole number number zero hai hamara first and the smallest whole number hai why and what does this means that let me explain ki Ham ise include kyon karte hain vah number mein usko samajh Samjhane ke liye I would have to say you recall you about natural numbers Hamen pata ki national number Hamare 1234567 ke sare hote hain 1 se lekar ke Infinity Tak ke sare Hamare national number Jaate Hain now I am talking about whole number to what are we doing there including we were completely including sirf aur sirf zero hai in natural number kya karne ki natural number May include kar rahe hain zero Ko

Bus Itna Sa difference hai and why are we doing so Jaisa ki Pichhle example Mein Apne discuss kiya tha because sometimes Hamen kya hota hai ki nothing hai to able to show emptiness Jab Kuchh Bhi Nahin Hai to use show karne ke liye hamare pass ek number Hona chahie right I do say ki agar vahan per Pahle Se Kuchh Nahin pada hai to of course vahan per matlab Nahin to batane ka but if there is a subtraction aur edition Agar Ham Kya kar rahe hain ki distribute kar rahe hain to mere pass kya bacha Agar there is nothing left to me then we define the term To Ham mere pass hai important for transaction purpose logi mathematics mein bahut important zero ki bahut importance mathematic Mein that's 10 as in whole numbers to Aage Se Jab Ham whole number discuss Karenge 660 se shuru hokar ke

23450 plus natural number sakte hain and why is it the first and smallest of course it will be the first wicket natural number means for smallest Kehlata Hai 1 August Chhota aur first K10 this property is defined


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