How many numbers greater than 100000 can be formed with the digits 3,3,4,0,3,4 ?



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Updated On: 13-5-2021

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Solution :
Any number greater than 100000 will contain all the six digits out of which 3 occurs thrice, 4 occurs twice and 0 occurs single. <br> `therefore` Number of arragements `=(6!)/(3!2!)=60` <br> These arrangements also include these numbers which contain 0 at the lakh's place. Keeping 0 fixes at lakh's place, we ahve 5 digits out of which 3 occurs thrice 4 occurs twice. These 5 digits can be arranged in `(5!)/(3!2!)`=10 ways <br> Hence, the number of required numbers =60-10=50



00:00 - 00:59hello friends so here's a question it seems that how many numbers greater than 100000 can be formed with the digits 33403 and 4 of any number which is created in 1 lakh will have 6 digits in a 1 lakh itself contains 6 digits in it and a number which is pretty much have it must have 6 digits and its 1 number which we have to form will have 6 digits in it right now we need to fill those six digits or those six please is by this 6 number showcase we have this 6 places here and we need to fill the 6 places with the help of this ki ones 6 numbers ok so and out of these numbers did as a duplicate
01:00 - 01:59write like we have tree repeated thrice and we have 4 repeated twice and zero is there one time read so we have this three numbers which are repeated and we need to divide those numbers into this different places I'd say this can be done number of ways by the help of division rate so since we need to divide 6:10 Saw 6 different number 86 divided by the number three repeated thrice rate one of the number out of the total numbers is repeated thrice that is divided by 15 3 and another number that is repeated X Factor will to wait for this is the number of ways in which week in a range is 6 numbers which have some repeated numbers in it into the six different
02:00 - 02:59places ok select calculate distance it will be fits into 5 into 4 into factorial 3 divided by 3 into that is to say that feeling of actual 3 and 2 it will be 62526 into 5 into two way that will be interfit 13 22 that in 60 days ok or 60 numbers are there in 2016 numbers can be formed with the help of given number and treated in my life but this one problem right but it is the given numbers to S R 33403 and and we had 26 places right now here when we divided those numbers there is a possibility of zero coming to first
03:00 - 03:59place it so it's zero is fixed gear that is on the first place then this number basically will become a 5 digit number medicine become a five digit number which will be less that one lakh right so and make Sachin number then question will be wrong because we need to make a number which is greater than 1 lakh so this must not be added in diff ways right so we have to subtract this possible this number of possibilities out of the total number of ways the we need to separate the number of ways in which we can be put on the first place out of this total number of ways that is so here we need to arrange this 5 number 334 3 and 4 into this five places rights again using the same method of use above
04:00 - 04:59as we use above that is but a method of division that is we need to arrange 5 number 556 sunao we don't have to reach Hero be on your way to reach this 334 3 and 4 total number of things is 555 / days a number which is repeated thrice its divided by 3 and there is a number which is repeated twice so divided by calculating it it will be to buy into 4 into factorial 3 divided by factoring 3 into 2 so that is basically 5 into two that is 10 ways so we need to subtract this 10 ways out of the total number of ways so number of numbers which can be made using the given
05:00 - 05:59digits and I created in one black is basically 60 - 10 or that is equal to 50 numbers so there are 15 numbers which can be given digits which one like this will be an answer I hope this will help you thank you

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