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How many different words can be formed with the letters of the word CLIFTON.



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Updated On: 26-2-2021

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Solution :
There are `7` letters in the word CLIFTON.<br> So, there are total `7!` ways of arranging these letters.<br> Now, we have to find number of ways that the two vowels come together.<br> We can consider these two vowels as a single entity as they will always be together.<br> So, we can arrange the word in `6!` ways.<br> When the two vowels `I` and `O` are together, we can arrange these vowels in `2!` ways.<br> So, there are total `6!xx2!` ways in which two vowels can come together.<br> `:.` The required probability `= (6!xx2!)/(7!) = 2/7.`



00:00 - 00:59so the question is human how many different words can be formed with the letters of the word Clifton so for this we have to know if let's example my ab is given then we know we can arrange a p s e b and b can you get two ways so for let se my given as ABC it will be my ABC then my ACB then why BCA then my BSC then she BA 6 semester 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 8 6 ways but Forklift and we can see 1234567
01:00 - 01:597 letters are there so it will be very lengthy process by doing this so for this we know and factorial which is my and into n minus 1 into and -2 ok dotdotdot 321 sofa buy this formula we just put the air as the total number of letters listed for this check we will check the answer pm electricity so it will be three factor in this is my 321 and below 32 Zar 6610661 vintage we can see this is where to buy this we can easily find my 7 factorial y7 we can see me 2 3 4 5 6 7 and if we calculate 7 vs 7 into 6 into 5 into 4 into 3 into 2
02:00 - 02:59Dubai 1 which is equal to my 5040 ways we can arrange in this is my final answer thank you

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