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Class 11






Logarithm And Its Application


Graph of Exponential function ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Tum picture video mein Dekha Tha exponential functions Kaise BF karte hain Hamare base greater than 1 hota hai to FX is equal to a raise to x To Humne Dekha Tha Hamare graph Kuchh Aaye The Ek Aur f x is equal to a raise to minus x Mr Rajasthan decreasing for what is video mein humko dekhna hai ki Jab Hamare Jab aise hi that is K2 function Kaise Karta Hai Hamari basic condition example letter Mera f x is equal to Hai 0.25 raise to x + 1 by 4 raised to X which is also equal to 4

x 2 - 62 Maya dekh raha hai is equal to be raised to minus x where a is less than 1 and b is greater than 1000 kya dikhao Jo Mare graph the greater than 1 per raise to minus x ke vah Hamare Grace 2x Kyon Jaenge hot lesbian to ab main point to 5 raise to x Agrawal Aaunga to graph Kuchh Banega to Mera 40 Hai 0.25 Race 20 which is equal to one or Infinity 0.25 raised to infinity aur mujhe pata hai ki lesan Van quantity ko mention intentionally Karunga 20 ki taraf 10 Karega vaise of minus

infinity Mera 0.25 minus infinity ki 1.1.0 Infinity graph Banega vah Kuchh Banega minus infinity Infinity Infinity 202 Mera Kuch Aisa jo ki 0.1 content Kar Raha Hai To Kuchh properties dekhte hain first Crorepati Meri Ho Gai ki grass hai goes to infinity at minus infinity S A Mera graph goes to jio at Infinity 3rd hi Kafi important property are

1 decreasing do you know my property example dekhta let rest next one is better than a raise to x to the power for zero is less than a is less than 12 months ago grafting this approach Karunga to mere pass graphic Kuchh Aisa Jahan per yah Hai Mera Rishta action Aaya Hai Mera Yeh Rishta aur instruction X1 X2 X2 Pata Hai Tumhen clearly graphs dekhi kya sakta hun ki mera X2 is greater than to yah Hamari Kafi important property Ho Gai that

is a raise to x one is greater than a raised to X 20 greater than Mira X1 is less than X2 Agar Yadav Soya opposite Hai Jahan per X 160 Aata Hai video mein video mein kuch question solve Karenge exponential function ke upar


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