Goods/services are sold from Agra (U.P.) to Kanpur (U.P.) for Rs. 20,000 and then from Kanpur to Jaipur (Rajasthan). If the rate of GST is 18% and the profit made at Kanpur is Rs. 5,000, find : the cost of goods/services at Jaipur.



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Updated On: 17-4-2021

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Answer :
Rs. 29,500



00:00 - 00:59student that start with question year we have gone good service there are sold from Agra UP to Kanpur UP for the rupees of 20,000 there is a good services which as holding from Agra to Kanpur 40 rupees 1000 ok and then from Kanpur to Jaipur that is Rajasthan ok and then this second step that same product is going to be stored for Kanpur to Jaipur the rate of GST is 18% and the profit made at Kanpur is 5000 ok here we have given the GST and here we have your profit which was made it Kanpur then it is hard to find the cost of the goods services at Jaipur Ok so far that let's start with the solution but people here we have given their 20011 good services are sold from Agra to Kanpur ok so here I can say that
01:00 - 01:59for Agra ok for Agra DSP means selling price will be nothing but 20000 ok now as we know that whatever the selling price for the fastest am that will be become cost price for the second one is taken transaction is from Kanpur to Jaipur so here I can say that for Kanpur to Jaipur Ok means inter inter state transaction ok for inter state transaction what I can write here here I can write the CP means cost price will be nothing but SP of Agra that is 2012 but here it is given that the profit made into the Kanpur is 5000 ok profit made is 5000 from here
02:00 - 02:59what I can get I can get the SP in the Kanpur that is selling price will become CP Plus property which will be is equals to 20,000 + 5012 is equal to 25000 ok now it is asked to calculate the cost of the goods services at the Jaipur Ok so for that year I got ESP but this is not a cause of cost of the good service letter into that I have to include the GST also know it is interested transaction and for interested transaction we calculate the GST form of ICSE so here I will be calculated on to this HP will be nothing but 18% of these SP that will be come is equals to 18 / 125
03:00 - 03:59will be is equals to 20000 will be cancelled and here is multiplied so I will get it 4500 as I GST this I GST will be nothing but will become output text for this dealer in Kanpur ok so output at we have calculated from here finally what I can say that the cost of good service and the cost of good service at Jaipur will be equal to what I will adhere I will add this SP ok this SP plus i3s which will be equal to 25000 +
04:00 - 04:594500 ok which will gives me the addition of rupees that is 29000 and 500 rupees ok so this is the required answer that is the cost of goods service as Jaipur which is into the question ok so here is the solution I hope you like it solution thank you

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