Given z=(1+isqrt(3))^(100), then [Re(z)//Im(z)] equals (a)2^(100) b. 2^(50) c. 1/(sqrt(3)) d. sqrt(3)



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Updated On: 30-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59Deewan let's start the question question says that given with equal to 1 + root 3 raise to the power 100 then realise that over imaginary Z is equal to dash Sabhi aap to find the value hai so was billed right down the given condition that occurs when the observed oneplus under root 3 raise to the power 100 now taking tourist the pass hundred multiplying tourist 400 the numerator as well as in the denominator so what we are getting high light inside to raise to the power 102 may 1 by 2 + root 3 by 2 raise to the power and now we can substitute the value has started to raise to the power 100 INR to me as we know one by two is the value of Cos pi by 3 and
01:00 - 01:59root 3 by 2 root 3 by 2 is the value of sin pi by 3 as we know that cos theta + cos theta + sin theta sin theta race to the path in is equals to cos theta + sin theta property theorem for applying this one here this one is 100 supplying Dushman hai tourist 400 into cos 105 by 3 + sin 103 now what we can write down hair 805 3 in the third quadrant 105 HP lies in the
02:00 - 02:59third quadrant 833 type + 5 by think so we can write down this one as - of Cos pi by 3 and sign of 105 B three as we can write down sign of hundred 53 as - of sin pi by 3 minus of sin 53 now we can put down the values at tourist the part 102 - cos 53 is minus 1 by 2 and minus sin pi by 3 minus root 3 by 2 minus root 3 by 2 what we can write down we can write down hair what we have to find out really that over imaginary Z so had real read over imaginary rate is equals to
03:00 - 03:59value of Realtors minus 1 by 2 into 10 to the power 101 aginal is added minus root 3 by 2 Mujhe 207 cancelled out and what we are getting one over root 3 this is add required answer this free app to find out one by root 3

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