Given the vectors vec u=2 hat i-hat j-hat k and vec v=hat i-hat j+2hat k and vec w=hat i-hat k If the volume of the parallelopiped having - cvec u,vec v and c vec w as concurrent edges, is 8 then c can be equal to



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Updated On: 11-5-2021

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a) `pm2`b) `4`c) `8`d) cannot be determine

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59hello everyone that start with the question the question says that given the vector vector you equal to two ICAP - 2 J - Cape and vector B equal to A and B W equal to minus ke if the volume of the parallelepiped having minus 3 into vector you vector we have seen to vector w as concurrent address is 8 then she can be equal to option A plus or minus 2 option B option C8 option d cannot determine so first we'll see what these will be equal to minus 3 into vector you will be equal to minus 2 plus DJ plus sikhe then Nexus vector we will be equal to it
01:00 - 01:59will remain as I - J&K and then finally vihar C into vector w that will be equal to see I - CK and write the formula for parallelepiped Oriya so I tried the volume of parallelepiped so I'll try to hear volume of parallelepiped is equal to minus 3 into vector you vector v and C into vector w ok let's all this for the sunao volume 48 equal to the box rate of these three will be determinant of its Coefficient so it will be -2 c c the next level B1 - 12 and then finally plazo arisi 0 - 3
02:00 - 02:59ok how will solve the determined to get the value of C is equal to now we can take from First row and then from third row to this will become c square into determinant of -2 111 - 101 to minus 1 is equal to C square into this using the third row ok so that everyone into now one into two will be to minus minus 1 into 10 power minus minus into minus one vision plus one minus zero plus minus 1 into for this will be a minus 2 into minus one that will Bittu mine 1 into 1 minus one OK I will get this will be equal to C square into this 3 and this will be
03:00 - 03:59-1 Sohail get that 4A equal to 2 c square c square is equal to four so I can write the force is equal to plus power -2 sunao if you look at the option so here we can see that option A plus or minus 2 is the correct option will write the final answer all your as the correct option is option A plus or minus to thank you

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