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given that a.b=a.c,a×b=a×canda is not a zero vector. Show that b=c.



hello students today given that dot product of vectors a and b is equals to the dot product of vector a and c the cross product of vector a and b is equals to the cross product of vector and b vector is non-zero and we need to show that vector b is equals to vector C not coming to the first equation that is given to us latest take it to the editors we get a minus b equal to 0 9 letters take with a common we get a dot b minus C = 20 now this is a simple equation and we can for three things now that I do vector a is equal to zero B minus C
aur vector is perpendicular to be minor ok now coming to the next question is given to us that is the cross product now will do the same ok we take a cross see that side and we get a cross B minus 1 equal to zero we take the a bit too common and B minus equal to zero now again this imply three things that is vector is equal to zero B minus C is equals to zero or vector a is parallel to vector
B minus C ok now that is not equal to zero so this condition is removed right and we know that they cannot be perpendicular and parallel at the same time because the equation that a given to us asking right there at the same time that you are at the same time this implies that this equation and this condition can not be staying at the same time which means these are also rejected ok not this leaves us with one common condition that is vector B minus vector c equal to zero ok this implies that vector B must be equal to that the sea
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