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Class 11






Compound And Multiple Angles


Given that tan (A+ B) =1 and ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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in this question we have given that is find without using the value of 10 and 10 years question Vinu Pavilion formula which is alpha + beta one more VC Alpha minus 10

we can we can solve this question we have given that we have you have we are just adding of these two angle what we have list 10 will simply have 10 to find out the value of 10 to a using this

if we can see what we can do hair club can be done if this is alpha and this is the first war which was 10 alpha + beta it was all so it will be 10 of alphabet A + B here and a + b + 10 beta to turn a minus b into 10 litre so we have all these + B then MI we have tan a + b

vegan food can a + b is equal to minus b minus 20 17 17 17 - 12677 this time will be cancelled out in the value will be 8.6 to 4 and 3 final value will be 43 is nothing but the value of 10 we have the value which is equal to that

if we will you that Alpha is also alpha and beta both a and b and a plus 10 a.m. IST to turn to the formula for 10th so we have this value input it directly we have the value of 10 to which is 4.3 is equal to it is 210 E 10 vi so not taking all these right inside water we have will have this

technocom to 10 square b + 310 and minus 4 is equal to simply now that it is simply a square + 3 1080 - 2 is equals to how we can you get to 10 square + 3 X 32 can be written as a + tan a minus 10

Zombies 2 to 10 a can be taken as come here we have simply turn a then plus two will have three plus two Note 10 plus two will be taken as common here we will have shifted to disturb is it on solving the list will be come to 1080 - 1 = 20 to the value of 10 a will be one from here

10 year we will have taken this time now this time you can see that this will be cancelled out this can be mined and it be considered this alpha and beta so we can apply the formula for this formula can be applied

we have all the value of tan a + b vo simply 1 minus one upon upon 1 + tan a + b minus 1 into 10 power minus 1 upon 7142 the final answer for the advocacy 10

is the value of tend to be 34 tend to become internal two 10 b is equal to again cross multiply what can we have this will become 428 10 B = 23 - 33 - 3b not taking all the all the left hand side equal to 3 x square b + b minus 3 is equal to

again it is a quality in 10 so we can again you so while using we can see this can be written as it can be computed from the 2310 be taken as com - 110 b + 3 is equal to 10 vi + 10 + 3 is taken as common 310 we will be many and no other disturb will be you

win 10 vi + 3 equal to zero the value of 10 we will have is -3 and when 310 B minus 1 equals to Rio the value of 10 we will have one upon the value of 10 20 13 the value of 10 - 2

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