Given g(x)=(x+2)/(x-1) and the line 3x+y-10=0. Then the line is tangent to g(x) (b) normal to g(x) chord of g(x) (d) none of these



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Updated On: 27-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello everyone the question is given by x is equal to X + 2 over x minus 2 and 3 X + Y is the line is tangent perception is tangent to normal to DX code for so how to find out the slope of the line given line if you look at a given line it is 3 X + Y is equal to is is equal to 2 over we can find out the slope of the tangent
01:00 - 01:59line will be derivative of so that we can find out derivative of sin b in 21222 it simplifies to over that this genus of GX give the slope of any line
02:00 - 02:59tangent to the function we have to sleep with that lets and let's now find out the slope of this line so we know that A + B by P is equal to any line X + b is given and we can find out the sunao if we say this line is engine to the function
03:00 - 03:59the line and this should be C2 liquid this whole square on taking route on here we need to Note 1 two personalities X + 1 and equal to x minus one can be equal to x is equal to 2 equation main gate
04:00 - 04:59zero of putting it is value to it will be 2 + 22 which is equal to do we get a point on the line and on the function which is 2020 vacancy
05:00 - 05:59let's put it in the equation of the equation of the line 3 X + 1 - 3 - so we can put in this line
06:00 - 06:59attack because it to the

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