Given below are measurements of some parts of two triangles. Examinewhether the two triangles are congruent or not, using RHS congruencerule. In case of congruent triangles, write the result in symbolic form
(i)B=90,AC=8cm,AB=3cm P=90,PR=3cm,QR=8cm


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

(i) Here, B=P=90,
hypotenuse, AC= hypotenuse, RQ(=8cm) and
side AB= side RP(=3cm)
So, ABCRPQ (By RHS Congruence rule).
(ii) Here, A=Q(=90) and
side AC= side PQ(=5cm).
But hypotenuse BC hypotenuse PR
So, the triangles are not congruent.


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given below are measurements of some parts of two Triangles examine whether the two Triangles are congruent or not using RHS congruence in case of congruent Triangles the results in symbolic form ismein ek baat karogi Koi Sabhi to open second part Karte S word mein kya hua hai angle is 90 degree triangle table dusra triangle angle 90 degree angle
9 San 2nd Ki Baat karen to Kyon 90 degree PR is 8 cm and 5 cm rpr Yagya to Yahan per Nahin Dekha different hai yah donon different so this implies triangle ABC is not congruent to triangle U P Nagar 1st Wale Ki Baat Karen aap to first wale per dekhte hain first tha first show first Mein triangle kya hai ABC
super ho gaya ab kya bola Gaya Angle B 90 aur ham Piye to kya then AC is it and ab is 3A vs 3A AC 3 cm 8 cm Yahan per paper-3 hai aur QR 832 Yaaron aur qr8 dikh raha hai ki ya Sare ya Iske call hai ya Iske equal and
also 1980 this applies angle triangle A B C is congruent triangle are you orders but important order bilkul sahi Hona chahie bhai congruency Pawan bol sakte hain triangle donon Hari se

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