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Given an arc of a circle, c...

Given an arc of a circle, complete the circle.


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student letter start with the question here we have given given and arc of a circle complete the circle ok so first of all what is asked in the question is asked if you have been given an Arc of a circle then how we will complete the circle of the letter start with the solution let consider here we have been given an Arc of the circle letters as and as you ok now neck point in order to complete the circle we have to find its centre and radius ok to prove that what I will take I will take a point h onto this Arc pic OK then I will join this point P and Q

ok this point P and Q similarly sorry p&r and similarly I will join this point Q and R are like this ok but the next step is I have to draw perpendicular bisector for the PR and argue for that I will take a museum into the complex keep on topi and make a crossbow Ahir ok similarly I will make a cross to down similarly I will put here on to our and cross it ok after crossing it I will get here perpendicular bisector to PR by making a line which will be passed in between two days we are similarly I will take aim is the man to the compass and then keep on to a make a cross over here ok similarly I will do cross to the down also then I will keep want to give then cross it

and then I will draw a perpendicular bisector for these are you should be apart from the point of this earth now at what ever point there is a perpendicular bisector will be interested to each other that point will be nothing but a power Centre let this is O and by taking this ok here what I will do I will just made this line op so this by taking this up as a Centre I will draw a circle ok so here I have drawn the circle by taking up and as radius of the circle so here I can say that is nothing but is equal to Q is equals to radius of the circle ok and PQ is nothing but

forest circle here is the solution for this type of particular question I hope you will like this solution thank you