Updated on:30/05/2023

Given a triangle ABC with sides a=7, b=8 and c=5. Find the value of expression (sinA+sinB+sinC)(cotA2+cotB2+cotC2)



hello everyone aur question is given a triangle ABC with side equal to 7 B equals to 8 and sequence to find find the value of given expression we have Sin A + sin b + 90 into cot a baytu plus Court bhi by 2 prescott C to so I can write it upon upon into into x minus 8 upon is into x minus b upon
cot c will be a sin to is -3 let simplify it will get a + b + c and X is into 3 is minus a + b + c upon Tu it can be further simplified we know that if a + b + c equal to 2 + 3 + 2 I will get upon x minus 2 is upon the right so it can be
X is into we can Ashu written as to be cancelled out here is cute Delta is upon if you are it as it is under water can be written as Plus who are will be cancelled out and it will be equal to 4 sq upon now I will put the value of this final
equals to Delhi I will get into 72825 and here is Cute kiss you can be written as a + b + 7 + 8 + to the power 3 upon KBC 25 it can be simplified hundred


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