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Given a non-empty set X , cons...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone what are the questions that given a non empty set is considered PX which is the set of all subject of X define relation in PS4 for subset A and B in a relation of if a is a subset of B is our equivalence relation of PX justify your answer know that the relation given to us is our long where a is the subset of B where A and B belongs to PX this is given to us here and these are all belongs to PX now check whether a reflexive or not for reflexive will check whether a a belongs to a where

a belongs to a every subset is its own subset so we can say that a belongs Dua order relation hence this is reflexive symmetric or asymmetric we have to be symmetry we have to prove that a b is lost relation then we have to prove that BCom Aaye also belongs to relation now let a b belongs to relation that any way it is subset of B but is not given that P is a subset of a so we can say this is not a symmetric now transitive for being transitive we have

a coma bhi belongs to A B Pharmacy belongs to our belongings sorry belong to up and we have to prove she belongs to a tall at ek number bhi belongs to US and be ko Messi belongs to our that is a is a subset of b and b is a subset of C subset of C no from equation first and second we can write that a is a subset of B is the subset of c2b can say that she belongs to us or we can say that R is transitive

and conclude that are is transitive from starting our is reflexive and transitive but not symmetric sentences of answer it's thank you

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