Class 12






Algebra Of Vectors


G is a point inside the plane ...

G is a point inside the plane of the triangle `ABC, vecGA + vecGB + vecGC=0`, then show that G is the centroid of triangle ABC.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`vec(0)``3vec(GA)``3 G vec(B)``3 vec(GC)`

Answer : A
Solution : We have, <br> `G vec(B)+G vec(C ) =(1+1)vec(GD)` <br> `rArr G vec(B) + G vec(C ) =2 vec(GD)`, where D is the mid point of BC. <br> `rArr G vec(A) + G vec(B) + G vec(C ) =Gvec(A) +2 vec(GD) ` <br> ` because ` G divides AD in the ratio `2 : 1 therefore 2 vec(GD) = -G vec(A)` <br> `therefore G vec(A) +G vec(B) + G vec(C ) =G vec(A) - G vec(A) = vec(0)`


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