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f(x)=|{:(cos x, x, 1),(2sin x...

` f(x)=|{:(cos x, x, 1),(2sin x, x^(2), 2x),(tan x, x, 1):}|." Then find the vlue of lim_(x to 0) (f'(x))/(x).`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Solution :
`f'(x)=|{:(-sin x, 1, 0),(2 sin x, x^(2), 2x),(tan x , x, 1):}|+|{:(cos, x, 1),(2 cos x, 2x, 2),(tan x, x, 1):}|` <br> `|{:(cosx, x, 1),(2sin x, x^(2),2x),(sec^(2)x, 1,0):}|` <br> `rArr" "f'(0)=|{:(0,1,0),(0,0,0),(0,0,1):}|+|{:(1,0,1),(2,0,2),(0,0,1):}|+|{:(1,0,1),(0,0,0),(1,1,0):}|=0` <br> `"Now ,"underset(xrarr0)lim(f(x))/(x)=underset(xrarr0)limf'(x)(as f(0)=0)` <br> `f'(0)=0`


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hello student so this is given problem so I can't this problem we are given a function that is effects so the value of the function is given to us this is a matrix so basically we have to find the value of limit X tends to zero and f dash X bet is differentiation of the function act effects and then we have to divide the value by X so let's begin with solution first of all will write the given called quantities that are given to us in the question that is now will try to solve this so let's see the question festival in this question we have to find the value of x and then we have divided by X festival but will calculate will calculate the value of f dash x-minus.pro station so will differentiate the function that is given to us in the question that is

this function will differentiate this lets begin differentiating this function so f dash X is equals to so basically how to differentiate a function let me just make you little bit more clear first of all this is a row will festival will differentiate this row and the other two level 2 rows will remain as it is and then will differentiate second row and then accordingly let me do this now so I will differentiate first so so the differentiation of cos x is minus sin x we all know this medicine X differentiation of x is one and one that is a constant for differentiation of one is zero ok so now

as I told you earlier will write both the rose similarly now we'll put Plus and I told you know I will differentiate second row so for differentiating S office all will write First row as it is cos x x 1 SO2 differentiation of sin x is word cosx OK then x square will get 2x and then 2x will get to is basic differentiation this is basic differentiation what we're doing year and will diet karo similarly 10 x x and one now put another Plus and differentiate karo differentiate in next line because I am of space now this

was alright both the rose similarly and differentiation of third row which is what is the differentiation of tanx differentiation of tan x is SEC Square X differentiation of x 1 differentiation of one which is the constant will get zero ok so let me just so you question again in this question we have to the limit that is given to us is X tends to zero so will put in place of eggs now Emirates first put x is equals to zero in left Ash X ok so when will put zero then value of our efforts will be Chef dashixx will be executed 20

then she now we have to put 0 in this equation here we are 2.0 in all this in base of X and find the value of k so let's begin so let me do it directly so minus sign of 0 Sanam 0 is what it is zero to sign eggs will write 0 in place of X will get 080 1008 is also 01730 square 0x Vera 800 here it is zero again and it is one similarly will put in place of X in this Matrix also and in that is

called zero is 120000/12 and one similarly for third one will write call zero is 127000 is one you know that 64081 so will void 0 0 1 and 100 so now will get the value of this text on solving app dash X it is basic FB xvide0 80 is basically what will get here value of f dash X will be zero it will be zero no put this

value in the problem problem but we have to find where to find where to find this value sunao as we calculated the value in numerator f dash X with limit X tends to zero we got zero in the numerator so as we know that provided 5-0 guard this value 0 will get the final value that is zero so ab dash x divided by X hair limit X tends to zero show the value of this function that was given to us in the question is zero thank you

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