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Some Applications Of Trigonometry


From the top of a hill, the an...

From the top of a hill, the angles of depression of two consecutive kilometre stones due east are found to be `30^0a n d45^0` . Find the height of the hill.


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question from the top of a hill the angle of depression of two consecutive kilometre stones due east are found to be 30 and 45 degree find the height of the question Kya Kiya latest se yah Koi HAL Hai Iski Mein height H manta hun theek hai ab angle of depression of two consecutive km two consecutive kilometre stones due east Nani Agar Ek To Nahin Hai to eat stone is se 1 kilometre dur hai aur Inka Hamen angle of depression the first hone wala uska angle of depression Mujhe Kitna Diya yah pura angle Mujhe given Hai 45 degree Arjun dusra wala stone Hai Uska Mujhe angle of depression Diya Nahin yah angle Mujhe Keval Hai Chhoti degree theek hai aur Hamen kya nikale height of the to Agar Keval angle 30 degree to yah bhi 30 degree ya

Bura 45 to yah Bhi Kitna Ho Gaya 45 Ho Gaya theek hai ab Dekhte height of the hill Kaise nikale height of the hill nikaliye let se yah distance of 1 km Hai is distance ko thodi der ke liye theek hai ab basic equations banate hain aur is question ko solve Karte Hain To sabse pahle question to kya Banegi 1045 is wale triangle Mein 1045 will be h upon X 10:45 kitna hota hai 12 HSC calls to this equation 1 ab pure Bade triangle Mein Lagate Hain ismein mein kya likhunga 10 of 30 degree is equals to H upon yah Puri total length X main sirf yah wali length Pani theek hai na h upon X + 1 or 10 30 degree Hota kitne 10:30 degree hota hai 1 upon root 3 is equals to Hamen to height Nikali hai tu x ki value Jahan Se Acha Rakh Dete Hain

Ab Yahan Se thoda sa rearrange Karte Hain Tumko to H plus one Kitna Gaya root 3 cross multiply Kiya 2 root 3 minus 1 h ya Kitna Hai Isko Lekar Tu yahan se aaj Kitna Gaya 1 upon root 3 minus 1 km mein aaya ya FIR usko kharab rationalize Karke likho to yah Upar ho jaega root 3 + 1 furniture Ho Jaega To yah Mera hight Kitni Aage root 3 + 1 by 2 km question Kuchh Nahin tha bus uski to language likhe isase Agar abhi diagram banaa Le to easily bus 10 Ru laga ke question solve

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