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From the pack of 52 playing cards, the black face cards are removed. Now the cards are re-shuffled and then a card is drawn from the remaining pack of cards. Find the probability that the card drawn is : (i) a black card



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Updated On: 13-7-2021

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Answer :



00:00 - 00:59hello this question is given that from the pack of 52 playing cards the black face cards are remove ok face card of black colour remove now the cards are the Shepherd and then card is drawn from the remaining makeup karte hue 2122 that card drawn is a black card OK so how many face cards we are having in a deck vrf 3 type of face card king queen and jack ok these are the face card and we are having total 4 types of cards ok we are having four types of card ok so4 type of card X there are three face cards are there will be a girl face card ok and out of these twelve face cards how many black face cards are having we are having 6 black face cards so this is a concept that ok not displaying in the question that black face cards are removed ok so we're having total 52 cards ok 52 cards - that which cards are remove means 6 cards are remove that will be equals to how many 40
01:00 - 01:59Scott select ok 46 cards are left now but we need to do we need to pick out of these 46 cards ok these are not selected and we need to pick up black card site site we are having 26 black cards ok 26 black cards are there in the beginning but out of 26 black cards we are some remove face cards how many face cards here remote 60 - 6 black face cards ok so 20696 this will be 20 year so 20 cards which are 20 black cards or laptop k20 black cards are left ok we need to find its Pretty ok so we know the formula for 20% is given by Ravneet event divided by total revenue case of every event is getting naked 220 black Karnal f 220 upon total event we are having 21046 cards should avoid 146 ok cancel this to this will be
02:00 - 02:59upon 2310 upon 23 will be a final answer thank you

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