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Class 9






Trigonometrical Ratios


From the following figure, fin...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Answer : `8/17`

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hello friends so heres a question it says that from the following figure find the value of cos B ok so we had to figure out with the help of this year to find out the value of cos of Angle B is let's start according to this figure here and you'll is given to us and so the side opposite to this an angle that is we will it is happiness right to decide visible at happiness and GB is given to us as a talk on this basis of a given to us as 17 18 of here to find out the cause of this angle B so if I take this into consideration that according to this angle this year we will act as base ok so this year we will act as 20 and easy will at this perpendicular Now

since I have to find out the value of cos of Angle B so that will be equal to 20 / happiness right now you can see that according to this and all this is based at this is happiness wait so that will be equal to 8 / b c a b is actually 8 and BC is equal to 17 so the value of cos of angle 20 8-17 ok so cause of and 8 by 70 Suresh Sylvia answer ok I hope this will help you thank you

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