From the following equation, find the values of x and y: 2[[x,5],[7,y-3]]+[[3,4],[1,2]]=[[7,14],[15,14]]



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Updated On: 20-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59welcome to doubtnut this is a question from the following equation find the values of X and Y the equation is 2 x 57 Y - 3 + 3412 is equal to 7 14 15 14 sunao solve this equation X 2 in side of the M so this become the equation becomes 2 x 2 into my Western 27 is 14 and this would become 2y - 6 + 3412 is equal to 7 14 15 40 sunao in order to find value of x and y i will consider this element and this element so I'll consider De Sandesh to corresponding elements of each of the matrix so this would be equal to let solve 2 X + 3 is equal to 7 from here to x is equal to 4
01:00 - 01:59x is equal to 2 from here and from here I would get 2 Y - 6 + 2 is equal to 14 so I'll get to Y - 4 is equal to 14 so I'll get to Y is equal to 18 and Y is equal to night so I get my ex is equal to 2 and Y is equal to so this is my I hope you understood the explanation thank you

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