Class 12






Permutations And Combinations


Three boys and two girls stand...

Three boys and two girls stand in a queue. The probability that the number of boys ahead of every girl is atleast one more than the numberof girls ahead of her , is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

atleast 1000less than 500atleast 500 but less than 750atleast 750 but less than 1000

Answer : A
Solution : 4 novels can be selected from 6 novels in `.^(6)C_(4)` ways. 1 dictionary can be selected from 3 dictionaries in `.^(3)C_(1)` ways. As the dictionary selected is fixed in the middle, the remaining 43 novels can be arragned in 4! Ways. <br> `therefore`The required number of ways of arrangement. <br> `=.^(6)C_(4)xx.^(3)C_(1)xx4! =1080`


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