Class 12






Permutations And Combinations


From 6 different novels and 3 ...

From 6 different novels and 3 different dictionaries, 4 novels annd 1 dictionary are to be selected and arranged in a row on a shelf so that the dictionary is always in the middle. Then, the number of such arrangements is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : novel=`.^6C_4` <br> dietenary= `.^3C_1` <br> total choose=`.^6C_4 .^3C_1` <br> `- - D - - = 4!` <br> total arrangement=`.^6C_4 .^3C_1* 4!` <br> `= (6!)/(4!2!)*3*4!` <br> `= 1080` <br> option 4 is correct


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