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Four persons are selected at random out of 3 men, 2 women and 4 children. The probability that there are exactly 2 children in the selection is a. 11/21            b. 9/21            c. 10/21          d. none of these



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Updated On: 21-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59NTSE question paper new release four persons are selected at random men to women and forcing the probability that the selection is so we have 3 + 2 plus ko children so in total we have 9 persons 9% and we have to select any 4 right so for selecting selecting four persons aur person out of 9 the number of ways
01:00 - 01:59these are the ways for selecting 4% now the even let the event is what is 2 children have to sleep exactly two children from the core so exactly event will be exactly two shell program to find out the probability that two children will be there from the selection of ko person so now we see that we have to select how many number 4 person from two will be what exactly two children and remaining two other women or men or so
02:00 - 02:59how favourable favourable outcomes will be outcome is equal to what now for the selection of two children from 44 into now we have to select two more persons from the remaining five persons from three men and so from 5% we have to select now the probability meaning now the probability of exactly two children will be there is equal to number of favourable outcome is 2 into 52 upon what are the total number of come
03:00 - 03:599C ko so after solving this we get this into 3 by 2 into 5 into aur bhai upon 9 into 82726 and the numerator this will be ko into 3 into 2 into 10 standard 8 and 8 2 6 4 into 4 into 3 into 5 upon 98 into the answer 10 upon that exactly to
04:00 - 04:59thank you

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