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Four people are chosen at rand...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `(3)/(7)`

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hello friends are today's question is four people are chosen at random from a group of three men to women and three children find the probability that out of four chosen people exactly towards children so it is given to us that in a group there are three men to women and three children so we have to find the probability that if photo people are chosen then exactly two kids must be present CEO for solution that this number of Total number of outcomes may be total number of outcomes it's a total number of outcomes the total number of outcomes will be total number of people are 3 + 2 + 3 that is it out of we have to choose for people show the way to choose 4 people

out of 8 S8 E4 now sunao the probability what the probability is how to calculate probability also probability of occurrence of an event a letter is an event proper probability of a will be number of favourable outcomes number of favourable outcomes upon total outcomes this is the weight to find probability now the total out this now what we have to calculate the favourable outcomes number of outcome of probability will be upon total outcomes is 8 C4 now and the question at a given to us that out of the people to must be children's let's firstly used

to children out of three children through the way to choose three children will be three C2 and then we have to to other two people to other to maybe women or men and any one can be so the total of men and women is 53 + 25 so now what we have to do out of this we have to choose to people so the way to use two people out of 5S C2 multiplication because we have to choose this and this so now after calculating this lets all this so this will be 3 x 5 into 4 upon 1 into two this will be 8765

upon 1234 This will get cancel out this will get cancel out with to distribute 2212 will get cloud and fibre and Fabric cancel out from here we are getting the answer 3 upon 7 the value of probability of selecting exactly two children is this if food people are choosing then this is the way to choose exactly two children so this is the answer of a probability thank you

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