Forty tiles of dimension 1 foot × 2 foot each are required to completely cover a floor. How many tiles of dimensions 2 foot xx 4 foot each would be required to completly cover the same floor?



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Updated On: 14-7-2020

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00:00 - 00:5940 time of dimension 1 foot 5 2 ft each are required to completely cover of flour how many types of dimension 24 by force put each would be required to completely cover the same floor up to 110 option to 2015 380 and option 160 Subah have types of dimension 1 foot by 2 foot and these tiles are 40 in number to cover a certain area of a floor so let's find out the area of the floor that needs to be covered for which would be equal to area o1 tie into the number of
01:00 - 01:59time that are required area of one time which could be one into 2 into 42 which on multiplication give the 80 so that means ITI foot square area needs to be covered using this time now we need to find out how many tiles would be required if we take the dimension of each stylus 2 foot by 4 foot so that means if you see this formula so we have the number of time can be given by area of the floor upon the area of one type of the floor as we have calculated is 18 and area of one time in this case would be to in 24 since the
02:00 - 02:59dimension of each tile is 2 into 4 foot so we have it upon 8 which on simplification give the food that team if we take all of the mentioned to put by 4 foot 10 inch that case the ten times would be required to cover the floor from tea auction option fun is the correct sorry

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