For what value of k will the equations x+2y+7=0,2x+ky+14=0 represent coincident lines?


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hello everyone the question is what value of k will the equation X + 2 Y + 7 = 0 and 2x + 4 K Y + 14 = 0 + 2 Y + 7 = 0 and Other One S 2 X + 3 Y + 14 is equal to zero and now on applying the condition of counselling clients for coincident lines of the lines to be confident we have a 1 upon 2 = b 1 upon 2 is equal to see one upon two ABC so if you have a x + B Y + C is equal to the coefficient of x if the coefficient of B and C is the content on a one is 1 upon 2
to be to escape even is 7 and C 12141 B equal to 1 by 2 root 2 by 3 is equal to 1 by after cross multiply and will get the value of k as 4 to 1000 watt is the value of case there for the value of k is equal to thank you

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