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For the system of equation <b...

For the system of equation <br> `"log"_(10) (x^(3)-x^(2)) = "log"_(5)y^(2)` <br> `"log"_(10)(y^(3)-y^(2)) = "log"_(5) z^(2)` <br> `"log"_(10)(z^(3)-z^(2)) = "log"_(5)x^(2)` <br> Which of the following is/are true?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

there are infinite number of solutionsthere is unique solution with x,y, z `in `Qthere are exactly two solutions with x, y, z `in `Qthere is no solution

Answer : B
Solution : The given equations are meaningful for x, y, z `gt` 1. <br> Let `f(x) = 5^("log"_(10)(x^(3)-x^(2)))`. Then, the given equations are <br> `f(x) = y^(2), f(y) = z^(2) " and " f(z) = x^(2)` <br> For ` x gt 1`, we find that `x^(3)-x^(2)` is an increasing function. So, f(x) is an increasing function. <br> `"Let" x gt y`. Then, <br> `f(x) gt f(y) " "[because f"is increasing"]` <br> `rArr y^(2) gt z^(2) rArr y gt z` <br> `therefore x gt z` <br> But, `y gt z` <br> `rArr f(y) gt f(z) " "[because f " is increasing"]` <br> `rArr z^(2) gt x^(2) rArr z gt x`, which is a contradiction. <br> `therefore x cancel(gt) y` <br> Similarly, `x lt y` leads us to a contradiction. Therefore, `x cancel(lt) y`. <br> Hence, x = y <br> Thus, we have x= y =z. <br> Now, <br> `"log"_(10)(x^(3)-x^(2)) = "log"_(5)y^(2)` <br> `rArr "log"_(10) (x^(3)-x^(2)) = "log"_(5)x^(2)` <br> Let `"log"_(5)x =t. i.e., x =5'.` Then, <br> `"log"_(10) (x^(3)-x^(2)) = "log"_(5)x^(2)` <br> `rArr "log"_(10) (5^(3t) - 5^(2t)) =2t` <br> `rArr 5^(3t) -5^(2t) = 10^(2t) rArr 5^(t) -1 = 4^(t) rArr 5^(t)-4^(t) =1` <br> Now, `5^(t) - 4^(t)` is an increasing function of t. <br> `therefore 5^(t) - 4^(t) = 1 rArr t = 1` <br> Putting t = 1 in x =`5^(t)` we obtain x = 5. <br> Hence, x = y = z = 5 is the unique solution of the given system of equations.


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hello everyone is the system of equation these are the equations we have to say which of the following options are meaning for only if these values of X Y and Z are greater than not so xy is that then let us consider of function effects FX is equals to 5 law of 10 x cube minus x square + consider this right then the given equation will be notified put the value of a given equations will be come here effects will become y square and FM I will become Z Square it will become extrovert I've done this as simply consider the function f x and then put the winding and then after effects of fine FZ 4 x

value greater than one we find that the function which is this here x cube minus x square this is an increasing function write this is an increasing function if x is greater than one so we can say affects the increasing function is increasing their for airforce X is also greater than ff why we have used this equation what is ff-45 is that square y square is greater than that means why is greater than Z therefore access also great wasn't because see if Y is greater than and access did then why that ultimately exorcism Z now we know that here ff why is greater than half of that that is greater

than X that means that is greater than X but this is an contradictions because you already prove that X is greater than that mean that means hey this is contradiction to this was all the context in their 4x is not great leads to a context and therefore access not less than y z x asli the greater than y axis is not less than Y that x is equal to have equal to Y equal to Z now if you'll find the value of now if I find the value I'll say lotan to the base 10 x cube minus x square is equals to Lok Phase 5 y square I can write instead of white

I can it experts can say log to the base 10 x cube minus x square is equals to log to the base 5 anthesis latest latest a is equal to say that the value that the value of x is equal to 5 to solve the SI I have written this that log 5 x is equals to X is equals to 5 then log x cube minus x square is equals to log to the base 5 and export of this will be To Dil Se Hare Valley of Fear Files

2 part 32 - 52 Part 2 Ti that 10 will go has a display kam tenders for tutti I can say that here taking commerce minus 1 equal to four that mean hair favourite to party -4 that had this function is increasing function of t therefore we consider this is equal to 1 from here t is equals to how to put is equal to months in the equation X raise to power 50 because we let this put this then this is to power that means x is equal to 5 if x is equals to 5 then xyz everything is equals to 5 what have

basically there is a unique solution with xyz belongs to this API is the correct option right