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Class 12






Board Paper Solutions


For the matrix A=[(2,3),(1,2)]...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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Bharat Matrix a-231 to show that a square minus y + 1 is equal to + Y is equal to zero and find a inverse sofa showing this I need to know what is a square x Matrix with itself that is 23 12 x 231 to know this is also where to get Matrix and the first element is what it is multiplication of the first with rose Kolam 2020 24 + 3 into 3 this is a multiplication the first of the second column so 6 + 62 + 2 and 3 + 4 Michelle wie cal 27 12447 correct so once I got this

let me find out what is a square + Y square + Y is equal to 7/12 47 plus 1001 iPad it may not add corresponding elements this 8 12 48 correct since all of them are multiples of 4 write a code for common can I get it as 23 12 Shekhar CAT question this is famous for a square + Y is equal to 4 which visit a square minus 4 Y + Y square equal to zero and having to it I should also find inner so here is a square + b is equal to zero X both sides in

inverse into a square minus 4 inverse A + inverse into identity Matrix this should be equal to zero so that when certain inverse into it is same as a inverse into each I am minus 4 Y + Z is equal to zero rated inverse is equal to 4 I - 8 so if you put the importance of Identity Matrix - a matrix is 231224 004 -23 12 Yify subtitle mint VS coronavirus 2 is to - 3 - 1 - for Ministries to let go this is a value of inertia


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