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For the hyperbola, 3y^(2) - x^...

For the hyperbola, 3y^(2) - x^(2) = 3. Find the co-ordinates of the foci and vertices, eccentricity and length of the latus rectum.



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Updated On: 12-5-2021

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Solution :
Co-ordinates of the foci and vertices are `(0 pm 2)` and `(0 pm 1)` repectively. <br> e = 2 , latus rectum = 6.



00:00 - 00:59hello students let's face it question 3 y square minus x square equal to 3 find the coordinates of AC inverter service centre city and the length of latus rectum net making with solution for this question as to whether given hai par Bula is a square minus b square equal to 32 inch convert this equation into standard equation of hyperbola 4 x minus 1 into this equation by three so we get x square upon 3 minus y square this will be equal to -1 to this is the standard form of fibre bola we can compare this with this equation that is x square upon a square minus y square upon B square equal to -1 this is the hyperbola its transfer success on white and its conjugate Axis on the x-axis will find all the corresponding elements that is focused what I just recently city and length of latus rectum for this
01:00 - 01:59a and a first when compared with equation we get the value of a square are equal to 3 value will be equal to root 3 find the value of this paper will be equal to 1 so we get the value of B equal to 1 now we can write for this hyperbola that is upon a square minus y square upon B square equal to 15 per bola centricity is equal to root of 1 + 1 upon B square Centre City the co-ordinate of focus focus our 40 plus minus b b will be the focus and the coordinates of water source for this hyperbola are what type of this will be zero comma plus minus b and the length of latus
02:00 - 02:59rectum for the hyperbola is equal to 2 x square upon B P Value of A and B in all these components and find the component for the hyperbola so you will find centricity Pawan jeevan hai par Bula Le hyperbolize Access for upon 3 minus y square equal to -1 intensity will be equal to root of 1 + the value of a square is 3 and value of y square equal to 1 centricity Pal 24 which is equal to 20 plus minus b equal value of Y is equal to centricity equal to 22 from where we get 0 + - 2 will be the focus for our hyperbola this now will find the vertex so what text will be v and this is equal to zero plus minus the value of 20 12 December tee
03:00 - 03:59for tax zero item so I will be equal to be the value of a square are equal to 3 and the value of B12 equal to 2 into a square with equal to 3 upon value equal to get the length of latus rectum equal to 6 thank you

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