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Class 11






Quadratic Equations


For the equation |x^2|+|x|-6=0...

For the equation `|x^2|+|x|-6=0` , the sum of the real roots is (a) `1` (b) `0` (c) `2` (d) none of these

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : The given equation is `∣x∣^2+∣x∣−6=0........( 1 )`<br> = When `x>=0,` then ∣x∣=x, so equation ( 1 ) becomes,<br> `x^2+x−6=0`<br> = `x^2+3x−2x−6=0`<br> = `x(x+3)−2(x+3)=0`<br> `= (x+3)(x−2)=0`<br> `= x=−3,2`<br> When `x<0`, then `∣x∣=−x,` so from equation(1)<br> `x^2−x−6=0`<br> = `x^2−3x+2x−6=0`<br> `= x(x−3)+2(x−3)=0`<br> `= (x−3)(x+2)=0`<br> `= x=3,−2`<br> Sum of the roots `=−3+2+3−2=0`


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for the equation model ka whole square + Mod x minus 6 is equal to zero the sum of the real roots is so we have to find the sum of the real roots ok to Dekho equation kya hai X squire ka Mod plus model x minus 6 equal to zero xx Maut Ka hole squire plus modify x minus 6 is equal to zero kya karte hain X squire Le lete hain lete hain Mod X to Y S Jankari equal to Y equation kya ho jayegi y square + Y - 6 is equal to zero is equation compact price is Walekum ko let hai to X square + 3 Y - 2y - 6 is equal to zero

applied at Y + 3 into why minus 2 is equal to zero is a Kiya Jata Hai Y is equal to 3 - 3 ab Aap dekho ab bhai kya hai bhai hai montex iska matlab model Hai equal to minus 3 and 2 models to positive Hai yah always positive Hota Hai hai na tum -32 cancel ho jaega Kyunki yah to valley De Nahin Hai Mod x ki value Koi main bhi nahin sakti iska matlab model x is equal to 2 employed at x is equal to plus minus 2 2 2 real Uske aage se question ke plus minus 2 Humse kya Pucha Humse poochha Hai kids some of the real roots

is the sum of the real roots kya hai to Ek real Rut Hai To Aur Ek Hai -2 income some kar de 2020 kaun sa option hai yah wala BF


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