For nZ, the general solution of (31)sinθ+(3+1)cosθ=2is(nZ) θ=2nπ±π4+π12 θ=nπ+(1)nπ4+π12 θ=2nπ±π4 θ=nπ+(1)nπ4π12


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hello friend and belongs to which root 3 minus sin theta + root 3 + 1 cos theta is equals to cos theta ki value Hai yah hai ki Charon independent ok theta + root 3 + 1 equal to the output device question Ko HD white kar dete hain to root device now we know
root 3 minus 1 upon 2 root 2 is equal to sin 15 degree and root 3 + 1 upon 2 cos 15 degree equal to 50 + cos 3 theta is equal to 1 upon root 3 sin theta + cos theta cos theta minus 15 is equal to 1 by root 2 cos 45 degrees equal generalized process
chori ho jayega Uske Desh Mein theta minus 15 dijiye 22 + - 45 degree value Jayegi aapki 25 + - 45 + 15 degree of answer key for Milana hai answer aap ka Diya Hua Hai vah bye-bye purv private 12 answer Vahi Hoga ok bye bye 12555

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