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Chapterwise Revision (Stage 1)


For equations given below find...

For equations given below find the slope and the y- intercept. <br> ` y = 5 - 4x `


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Answer : `-4 and 5`


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in this question we have the equation the equation is Y equal to 5 - 4 x this is the so we have to find out the slope and the y-intercept for the situation so we can say that this has been of standard equation of line this is why call to MX + c so from here as we can say that this m is equal to slope of equation and report at X equal to zero so as we put the X equal to zero so this is this will be the y-intercept so this is equal to M and S 20 plus 3 so this is equal to see and this is a constant time constant term so this will be y-intercept this will be Y intercept now we have a question is why call 25 - 4 x so from here

Android this is why call to minus 4 x minus 4 x + 5 so from where we can say that I am equal to minus of this is the slope so we have this slope is equal to minus 4 and from here we can say that this sequel 25 or we can say that this constant term is 5 so the y-intercept is Y intercept this is 5 This is our answer thank you