Class 9






Co-ordinate Geometry


For each of the following give...

For each of the following given below, find th slope and the y-intercept. <br> `x+3y+5=0`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Answer : `-1/3` and `-5/3`


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Agar question is for each of the following given below find the slope and the y-intercept ok and the equation is X + 3 Y + 5 = 20 ok we know that equation of line is Y = 2 MX + c where M is shlok shlok and C is Y intercept ok 20 Series by intercept so if I write this equation in this format so I can write it has 3 y = 2 minus x minus 5 and Y is equals to minus x by 3 minus 5 by 3 ok so on comparing this birthday equation I can write slope equals to M equals to minus 1 by 3 ok and Y intercept and

intercept equals to see equals to Heritage minus 5 by 3 minus 5 by 3 black and white hair -53 ok so this is a question Hota Hai