For each natural number k, let `C_k` denotes the circle radius k centimeters in the counter-clockwise direction.After completing its motion on `C_k`, the particle moves to `C_[k+1]` in the radial direction. The motion of the particle continues in this manner. The particle starts at (1,0).If the particle crosses the the positive direction of the x-axis for first time on the circle `C_n`,then n equal to


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `C_1=>r=1;k=1`<br> `C_2=>r=2;k=2`<br> `C_3=>r=3;a=3`<br> `theta_1+theta_2+theta_3+...+theta_n=2pi`<br> `1/1+2/2+3/3+...+n/n=2pi`<br> `1+1+1+..+1=2pi`<br> `n=2pi`<br> `n=6.28`<br> option B is correct.


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