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For any two sets A and B, the ...

For any two sets A and B, the value of `[(A-B) cup B]` is equal to

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`A cap B``A cap B`A-BB-A

Answer :


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today's question for any two sets a value to a minus b union b is equal to here we have to find a minus b union to represent a but not week we can represent it I like it here let it is erect A and B have to find a but not be the common term between A and B we have to protect this we will get here only a now the next term is union means Union meet all the terms in both a minus b and a minus b is represented by the line here we can write this land present a minus b not disturb represent we were here

so as you can see that from the Venn diagram that a minus b union c is represented by this but out of all the present in the Venn diagram that we have to find for you can say that a union B draw the Venn diagram of a union B that is something like this a b then it represent the same band diagram as the diagram is represented by a minus b union be because I am I a union all the temp In A and B that is our answer and a union B you can simply drop by it drawing the Venn diagram because it is an easy method and you will get the perspective very simply so that is

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