For any triangle ABC, prove that a(bcosCosB)=b2c2


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this question we need to prove that a into B cos C minus 3 cos b is equal to b square minus C square start this problem by writing as we know that a is equal to b cos C + cos B supporting the value of a in this situation we will get B cos C + cos b into B cos C minus cos B calling you will get B square minus C square cos square B as we know that we can write coast was equal to 1 minus sin square c and b is equal to 1 minus sin square B 15 the soaring will
B square minus b square sin square minus b square + c square sin square B number using sine rule we know that B sin C is equal to C sign be using sine rule so she is ke science ke be my baby cancel out by 20 K science place we will get B square minus C square hence proved

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