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Class 12






Scalar And Vector Products Of Three Vectors


For any three vectors veca, ve...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`vec0``[(veca, vecb, vecc)]veca``[(veca, vecb, vecc)]vecb``[(veca, vecb, vecc)]vecc`

Answer : A
Solution : We have <br> `vecaxx(vecbxxvecc)+vecbxx(veccxxveca)+veccxx(vecaxxvecb)` <br> `={(veca.vecc)vecb(veca.vecb)vecc}+{(vecb.veca)vecc-(vecb.vecc)veca}` <br> `+{(vecc.vecb)veca-(vecc.veca)vecb}` <br> `={(veca.vecc)vecb-(veca.vecb)vecc}+{(veca.vecb)vecc-(vecb.vecc)veca}` <br> `+{(vecb.vecc)veca-(veca.vecc)vecb}` <br> `=vec0`.

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hello friend yah the question is for any three vectors a vector b vector C vector the value of a vector cross b vector cross b vector + b vector cross b vector cross b vector + b vector cross b vector cross b vector easy options are given and here we have to find the age of this sunao here here here this right like this one factor out and here inside rest of the two letters in the dot product like this year after the CF to know your -9 here rest of the rest vector a vector a rest of the two actors like their daughter like this now here it is plus sunao I will get A+ now here one out after 9 years to vector a vector and b vector on another vector Nokia restaurant director

dot dot now here here it is Plus now here we take one of the vector a vector suppose you know your rest of the two vectors and the door to the vector minus another factor that is your the fact now forest vectors a vector a vector ABC that we hear the factor that minus b vector NTSE character in minus b vector is equals to minus b vector a vector dot C vector sunao yeah this will cancel out and a similarly this will cancel out and this will also cancel out and here we get this is equals to zero sunao I will get the value of the sequence 200 cc that option when is the correct answer thank you

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