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For a large Thanksgiving dinne...

For a large Thanksgiving dinner , Mr. Gonzalez will cook a turkey that weighs at least 12 pounds but no more than 20 pounds. If x represents the weight of a turkey , in pounds, which of the following represents all possible values of x ?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

|x-16| `ge ` 4`|x-12| le 20``|x-16| le 4``|x-20| le 16`

Answer : C


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last Thanksgiving dinner Mr Gonzalez with auto ki that we have at least 12 Pounds but no more than 25 years experience the weight of a turkey and found which of the following all possible values of so the question is that the top eight ways at least 12 so as to the weight and it was at least 4 x is greater than or equal to 12 but it is said that it was no more than 2x is again less than equal to 20 of lies between 12 and 20 where is greater than 12 but less than 20 now FB subtract by 16 on both sides week at 12 - 16

is less than equal to x minus 16 is less than equal to 20 - 6 9 12 16 question can be written as minus 4 is equal to x minus 16 is less than equal to four now we know that the range that of x minus 3 is between -4 and should I put it can be written as x minus 16 Mod of x minus 16 which is less than equal to 4 so this is our answer and dances option C