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Class 7






Exponents And Power


First law if is any non -zero ...

First law if is any non -zero rational number and` m n ` are natural numbers then `a^m xx a^n = a^(m+n) `

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello river is tutorial ham log is result ko prove Karenge Dekhenge Yahan per left side mein mera kya Diya Hua Hai a raise to the power into a raised to the power n Sikha hai abhi ki Ishwar login into into into into into into a upto n terms of 2m x m time pickup into ke Dekhenge Yahan per and hai to raise to the power n ka matlab hota Ek multiplication Hoga and X into a into a into a kitne time hoga yah Hoga and times to you Dekhenge ki ham log Karke Rahe Hain Ham Log Yahan kar rahe hain base ki power Mein Jo Likha Hai Ham base ko utna x x Rahe theek hai yahan

20 ki power Mein Jo Likha Hai Ham base coat nail x x Radhe na hai theek hai to Utar x x jitne taiyar power likhi hai theek hai abhi is baat ki Yad Rakhenge Abhiyan Dekhenge 101 ham log Ne 1 total kitne 10 x raha hai taking our + 2 X + 3 X + 4 x Wala Mera yah and time Dekhenge and + 1 Kyunki Yahan first stamp ke liye Yahan Jo Likha stamp ke liye pahla termin Yahan second term Yahan third and fourth aur yah and Tak Gaya to Yahan and time aaega to first ke liye M + 1 second ke liye a third Ke Liye MP3 4 ke liye amplifier Hai To marne ke liye kya hoga and ke liye Hoga m plus and yani ki yah Jo Mera tha maine yah M + n

yani Ki Main Yahan Se Lekar Yahan Tak yahan se sunega ki yahan se main Yahan Se Lekar Yahan Tak Maine Ek Ko amplus sentence multiplier karaya hai aur jitne x x raten Boss ke power mein likhate hain fir se dekhte hain bar sorry isko Ek Bar FIR Se Dekhne yahan se lekar yahan se lekar Yahan Tak Main Ek o m + n x x aaya hai aur jitne x x Raaton Ko power Mein lete hain to power mein ho jaega M + n theek hai yahi ham log Ko Dekhe Yahan per ham log yah result ko prove kar raha tha


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