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(Finding Sales Tax) The cost o...

(Finding Sales Tax) The cost of a pair of roller skates at a shop was Rs 450. The sales tax charged was 5%. Find the bill amount.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : On `"Rs." 100`, the tax paid was `"Rs." 5`.<br>On `"Rs." 450`, the tax paid would be = `"Rs."5/100 xx 450`<br>`= "Rs." 22.50`<br> Bill amount = Cost of item `+` Sales tax `= "Rs." 450 + 22.50 = 472.50`


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ICAI students at question here is that the cost of a pair of roller skate at the show was rupees 450 the sales takes charge was 5% find the bill amount payable amount me cost price + sales tax right to cost price is given rupees 450 and sales tax is always charged on the cost price right so sales tax is given 5 % to 5% of what 5% of cost price we can save 5% of 5% of 450 so let's calculate the value of sales tag for 5% means 5 in 200 X 452 10 cancelled rights of 5 into two is 10 5 into one is 5 now this is equal to 45 / 2

Now 45 divided by 2 into 2 is 45 carry forwarded to 2 into 2 is 41 is the remainder 2 decimal because one is less than two for 10 not going to 5 is 10 write 25 is 10 so this is equal to 22.5 this is the amount of the sales tax sales tax right now we have to find the building amount right building amount Nobel amount is the total cost of cost price + sales tax rice cost price + sales tax no cost price is rupees 450 and sales tax crisis rupees 22.5 so 50 + 22.5 this is equal 2.52

5 + 2 74 this is equal to rupees 470 2.5 right and this is the required answer