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Find x, if : <br> (i) log_(3) ...

Find x, if : (i) log_(3) x = 0 (ii) log_(x) 2 = -1 (iii) log_(9) 243 = x (iv) log_(5) (x - 7) = 1 (v) log_(4) 32 = x - 4 (vi) log_(7) (2x^(2) - 1) = 2



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Updated On: 30-4-2021

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Answer :
`{:(i.,1,ii.,(1)/(2),iii.,(5)/(2) = 2(1)/(2)),(iv.,12,v.,6(1)/(2),vi,5):}`



00:00 - 00:59hello everyone today or question is find x if that's all the first part that is log of x to the base 3 that is equal to zero at either or both sides or we can also say we can write a tazloc 80 o'clock 123 we have to keep the best same so that we can simplify the given equation so according to this extent the equal to answer and also solve this why taking the Antilla how we take antilog that is the base goes to the right hand side it become the base and the right hand side that become the power and left with X equals to 3 days 40 X is equals to 1 in both that ways we are getting the same as second part Lok
01:00 - 01:59X that is equal to -1 so here we can take antilog will take x to the right and left with this one upon X is equals to 2 the value of x is equal to half Nexus third part third parties log 243 to the base 9 that is equals to X so let's all that is 243 is 3 days Part 5 and 9 is 33 by applying the property bad or areas for m b is for and if any one of them was having any power then the value of the outside the login numerator and animal come outside the lord with in a nominator answer is similarly for this equation
02:00 - 02:59CS5 to the base 3 square will be getting 5.2 is equal to x 4th part in fourth part log of x minus 7 to the base 5 that is equals to 1 taking antilog again that is 5 is 1 is equals to x minus 7 x ^ 2 212 next part infect partner given the question that is law 32 to the base phone that is equals to x minus 4 so we can see both the days and the way you are multiples of 2 we can write the mess Suraj Part 5 and 4 x 2 x minus 4 applying the same property that we have used in third part in property of 9.2 to
03:00 - 03:595.2 + 4 is equal to 8 plus 5 to 10 13.2 answer of the next class physics Part that is log 2 x square - 17 that is equals to 2 so for dissolving taking the aunty law Tekken 7 to the right hand side making it based seven square 2 x square - 14 we are left with 2 x square is equals to X 49 plus one that is 50 we can further simplify 25 to the value of x = 2 + 5 not be X ^ 2 + -5 because it will become
04:00 - 04:59positive not an issue thank you

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